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Good Vibrations

In January 2018 the Omaha Chamber Music Society initiated an innovative project dedicated to professionally repairing and restoring stringed instruments owned by students who attend Title I schools in Omaha, Nebraska.

Many string orchestra students in Title I schools have their own instruments but cannot afford to maintain or repair them. Some instruments have been lovingly passed down through families, while others were special purchases for children who expressed an interest in making music. But most of them have never had the tender care of an expert repair shop and desperately need attention. Enter: Good Vibrations!

Vice-president of education of OCMS and Omaha Symphony violist Judy Divis—whose long-time dream it was to connect children and music-making—founded Good Vibrations and is its director. Through the program we have been able to refurbish dozens of instruments, and many more are waiting in the wings for their turns. We’re using the thermometer on this page to keep a tally so that you can see how many students have been helped by Good Vibrations.

We are profoundly gratified by the outpouring of encouragement and financial support from the community for this visionary initiative, the only such program in the United States. Look at the “before” and “after” pictures of the violin, below, for the stunning results of repairs accomplished by our “restoration-magician,” luthier Sarah Grey! Visit her website:

Let’s make some music! 

As of May of 2019 we’ve repaired over 70 instruments!

As of May of 2019 we’ve repaired over 70 instruments!

Members of the Omaha Bryan Middle School orchestra - the first group of instruments that were repaired by the OCMS Good Vibrations program.

Before and After. Yes - this is the same violin - Sarah is a magician!

Sarah Gray, our luthier! Visit her website: